Förseningar på grund av halt väglag

Just nu har vi stora förseningar i sophämtningen i Lessebo-, Tingsryds- och Växjö kommun på grund av besvärligt väglag. Låt sopkärlet stå framme tills du vet att det är tömt.

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Who does what?


We are responsible for waste collection in the five municipalities – with both our own workforce as well as hired entrepreneurs. We are also in charge of all the recycling facilities. The largest facility is Norremarks kretsloppspark in Växjö. You can recycle all materials here.

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Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen (FTI)

Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen is the company in charge of the recycling sites. It is their responsibility to keep the stations neat and tidy. You can recycle glass bottles, plastic packaging, paper packaging, batteries, newspapers at the recycling sites.

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A recycling site.


Shops have had a responsibility to receive electronics since 1 October 2015. It means you can drop off household electronics at shops close to you. Smaller shops only accept electronics in exchange of a new purchase.

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Under the Ordinance on Producers’ Responsibility for Packaging, all households and businesses are required to sort their used packaging and newspapers and drop them off at designated recycling sites or for collection – available for houseowners and businesses – or at a designated "miljöhus" for tenants – living in appartments.

The landlord´s responsibility (for tenants)

The owner of a property – the landlord – has the responsibility to provide a recycling site for its tenants. For example, “miljöhus” which is a small external room with bins for recycling various materials.

Miljöhus - a small external room with bins for recycling various materials.
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